AT91RM9200 System AT91SAM7X256 PCB
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AT91RM9200 Board - quotes and advance orders via email
deliverable as of week 5/2007
  • 100x100mm
  • Atmel AT91RM9200 (180MHz ATM920T core)
  • 4 Ethernet Ports using RTL8305SC 802.1q VLAN capable Switch
  • 64M (32bit) SDRAM
  • 2M Serial Bootflash (AT45DB161D)
  • USB Host Controller
  • MMC/SD flash card header
  • DS1672 RTC with Goldcap
  • LM75 temperaturesensor
  • runs with FreeBSD
  • Boot-Messages

AT91SAM7X256 Platine - price and ordering via Webshop
  • small ethernet board with pin headers to integrate in own projects
  • Atmel AT91SAM7X256 (48MHz ARM7TDMI core)
  • RTL8201BL PHY
  • DS1672 RTC with Goldcap
  • LM75 temperaturesensor
  • 512kB (AT45DB041B) Atmel Dataflash (optional 4MB AT45DB321C)