6 Port Console Adapter
We offer RS-232 interfaces at RJ45 connectors in many different variants.
All of them are based on the same design, with which it is possible to get up to 636 ports per USB channel.
A single server can easily control several thousand consoles.
Driver for FreeBSD is available.
The optional control computer is a small system with 2 100MBit/s ethernet interfaces, which is running on a compact flash media.
Our current 24 port 19 inch devices contain 2 RS485 BWCT-Bus ports e.g. for conntecting switchable 19 inch mains power outlets or temperatur sensors.
The control computer can take additional hardware such as hardware based cryptographic for VPN or modem cards.
Also possible is a 48V and redundant power supply.
Usage samples are console servers for remote maintaining switches, servers and router.

Special configurations that are not part of our stadard program can be build on request.