USB-HD44780 PCB USB-LCD 20x4 blue USB-LCD 16x2
We offer LCD modules with USB connectors.
Core of our display is a full-speedUSB to HD44780 converter, which we also sell separatly in case you want to use your own display.
The contrast of the display can be controlled via software.
New: Ethernet/USB to KS0108 (128x64 dots) converter with or without display. Prices on request.
Other types and options (e.g. will keys, RS232, RS485) on request.
Clientsoftware (ugen(4) based) for FreeBSD, OpenBSD und NetBSD.
Clientsoftware (libusb based) for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD and others.
LCD4Linux and LCDproc support our HD44780-converters.
Other OS and USB command specification on request.