CF-IDE 3.5 CF-IDE 5.25
With our CF IDE adapter you can use a compact flash media as an alternative to a hard disk drive. You don't need any special driver, because the CF media behaves as a normal IDE drive.
The particular advantage by using our CF IDE adapter is the low power usage of compact flash medias and the fact the medias have no mechanical wear.
Another advantage is that you can easily extract them in a service case and update them, which is by far more difficult or even impossible with a conventional harddisk or other flash types.
You can use these adapters with type I, type II as well as with microdrive medias.
Application samples are firewalls and MP3-player.
Different to the pictures above we use male connectors without pin 20 since a while now, so that you can use IDE cables with closed pin 20 hole.
We also offer the adapters with female connectors in 90 degres angel.
Our current revision 1.1 has the required wiring for DMA operation.