test wall I-Button Doorreader 19 Inch Power Switch Box Multi-IO3 8x8 10mm Funktionsblock

Our system is build using modules connected via ethernet and RS-485.
We use Modbus/TCP and Modbus/RTU 19200/8e1 as protocol with which it should is possible to use components of other vendors as well.
The RS-485 busses are connected to one or more ethernet devices and made available as Modbus/TCP service.
With your own programms you can define connections between inputs and outputs, as well as other conditions.

Usage examples: access control, time recording, light control, temperatur controlling, remote switching of servers, modell railway control, home automation, ...
we have a wide offer with boards and DIN-rail devices.
Special devices, which are not part of our standard program, can be build on request.

The current Handbook (in German) version

OS independend software: FreeBSD software:
  • ubmb-0.3 - kerneldriver for USB devices
  • mb_tcpbridge-1.2 - bridge software for converting between USB devices and TCP/IP
Linux software: Other free Modbus/TCP Implementations:
Specification for usage on other operating systems on request.